Meet Harrison Schiffbauer! Harrison joined the team at Simplify Home Loans in January 2020 as a Loan Officer Assistant. He has a degree in programming from Salt Lake Community College. “After working at a company auditing mortgages, I started to pursue a career in mortgage, and I gained a passion for working in this industry,” Harrison said. “I studied hard and completed the certifications to become an appraiser and have been currently studying to be a Loan Officer.” Harrison enjoys listening to music, playing games, and building computers when he has some free time. He says he also enjoys cooking dinner and making treats for his family. “I would say the part I love the most about this job is the ability to help people save money,” Harrison said. “I enjoy the feeling of being able to help someone and get them into a better situation.” Harrison feels that he contributes to the success of Simplify Home Loans because he loves to work. “To me, coming and doing a productive day’s work helps push the company forward,” Harrison said. “I also have two years of mortgage auditing experience, as well as three years of anti-fraud.”