Justin Rootsaert is a Sales Assistant at Simplify Home Loans, where he has been working for the past 8 months. He studied at SLCC, and has a strong background in sales and customer service. Justin is married and has two children, Greta (3 years old) and Declan (9 months old).

In his free time, Justin enjoys playing various sports including Soccer, Basketball, Golf, Snowboarding, and Football. He is always up for an adventure and loves spending time with his family.

What Justin loves best about working at Simplify Home Loans is being able to help people achieve their financial goals and improve their overall financial situation. He feels a sense of fulfillment in connecting with potential borrowers and helping them save money on their mortgage.

Justin’s contribution to the success of Simplify Home Loans is invaluable. He has a keen eye for identifying potential borrowers who can benefit from the company’s services. His ability to build rapport and establish trust with clients has been key in growing the company’s customer base.