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There is a reason why we are one of the top home loan originators in the country — our people. Our team of professionals understands the processes involved in loans and refinances and will be there for you for every step on your way to your new home or your refinance. From your initial paperwork until the day your loan is complete, our team will focus on helping you build your future. Take a few minutes to get to know the team at Simplify Home Loans LLC. Then, give us a call at 888-690-1744 and put us to work for you!


Jacob Deegan


NMLS # 153997
Jacob has been involved in the mortgage business since 2001 when he was a senior in high school dividing his time between his education and working for a mortgage company. Within his first few months on the job, he set the company record for most loans closed in a month. By age 20, he was managing the highest producing loan officer team of the year. Over the next 16 years, he continued to gain experience, managing as many as 30 personnel simultaneously. He was ranked as the #1 highest producing loan officer of VA loans for 5 years straight (2010-2014) by Scotsman Guide, the mortgage industry’s main publication.

In August 2016, Jacob founded Simplify Home Loans, LLC. As the owner, operator and mortgage loan originator, he is primarily responsible for overseeing the process of loan acquisition, researching new innovations, arranging loans for our clients and managing finances. He is the architect of our company’s mindset. Jacob created Simplify Home Loans, LLC to be a client-oriented resource for veterans and their families. He emphasizes to his clients and his team that his #1 goal is to put our clients in the very best financial position possible, and he makes good on his word by searching through over 200 different lenders’ rate sheets to secure the best loan options that meet the needs of our clients.

In addition to aiding veterans, Jacob loves golf, sports (especially the Utah Jazz), riding ATVs and being a father to his amazing 5-year-old boy, Hudson.

Michelle VanAllen

Director of Operations

Meet Michelle VanAllen! Since the very beginning, Michelle has been a faithful and essential part of Simplify Home Loans. She began in 2015 as the personal assistant to owner Jake Deegan, helping him prepare for the launch of the company, where she continues to serve a vital role as Director of Operations.

She enjoys the staff and the company culture at Simplify, and she loves that their team gets to help veterans. Michelle and her amazing husband, Zach, are approaching their 13th year of marriage. They have 2 adorable kids, a 7-year old girl and a 1-year old baby boy. Michelle loves to spend time at her family’s cabin in the summertime, and she says her family is “a little bit obsessed” with Disneyland. They have visited “the Happiest Place on Earth” four times in the past two years, and they have plans to return again at least once in 2020.

Jameson Carr

Director of Fulfillment

Meet Jameson Carr! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Jameson to the team in May of 2020 to serve as a Loan Officer Assistant. Jameson plans to complete his bachelor’s degree in communications from Utah Valley University in May of 2021. He is married and has a daughter and a son. Jameson loves sports — especially the Utah Jazz and Atlanta Braves — but he also loves Broadway musicals, such as Hamilton, Les Misérables and Dear Evan Hansen. Jameson described his experience of working with Simplify Home Loans: “The team is awesome to work with, and we are always looking out for the best interest of the borrower,” Jameson said. “I help make sure the loan file is submitted correctly the first time to keep the borrower’s mind at ease.”

Loan Officers

Jake Hardman

Director of Sales

NMLS #66785
Meet Jake Hardman! Jake has served as a Loan Officer for Simplify Home Loans since spring of 2020. He has been married to his wife for 10 years. They have a 3-year-old son named Winston and a 5-year-old daughter named Emmi. Jake’s family currently lives in Bluffdale, Utah. His hobbies are hunting, hiking, watching sports, and flipping items on eBay for profit. “I have been doing eBay for years and have sold thousands of items that I have picked up second-hand and then sold them for a profit,” Jake said. Also, he appreciates the way Simplify Home Loans cares about each client. “The client experience is the No. 1 priority at Simplify, which makes all our clients’ process extremely easy and seamless,” Jake said. When asked about the ways that he helps to bring about the success of the company, Jake said, “I contribute my 10 years of mortgage expertise to Simplify. I have closed thousands of loans, so I have come across almost any unique situation that can be imaginable and then find a solution to get my clients their mortgage.”

Joshua Jensen

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS #1007491
Meet Joshua J. Jensen! Joshua has been with Simplify Home Loans from the very start. We are proud to have him aboard because Josh has been among the top 10 producing VA loan officers in the nation in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and he plans to return to the top 10 once again in 2018. Over the course of his career, Josh has helped save his veterans a combined total of more than $35,000 a month! At Simplify Home Loans, Josh says he enjoys its close-knit group of coworkers. He describes his service at this company this way: “As a loan officer, you have to be licensed and have to continue to enhance your mortgage education. I am able use my experience to help other team members with questions, issues or concerns that they may run into which might be outside of the normal loan requirements.”

Family time is the most important time to Josh. All his hobbies incorporate his family, whether it’s playing at parks with their dogs or finding new places to enjoy breakfast together on the weekends. From March to November, Josh and his family enjoy Real Salt Lake soccer, and from September through January, they root for Wisconsin football, both the Badgers and the Packers. Josh loves golf. He says he owes a lot of what he has to having golf as a hobby. Not only has the game taken him all over the continent, golf was also the reason he met his wife! Joshua and his wife have been married for five years, and now they are busy chasing around their little daughter who’s an even busier toddler.

Jen Pierce

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS #1452789
Meet Jen Pierce! Serving as a Senior Loan Officer, Jen joined our ranks at Simplify Home Loans in April of 2019. She has worked in the mortgage industry for 10 years (eight of which she worked with Simplify’s owner, Jake Deegan). Jen received her bachelor’s degree from Weber State University. She and her family grew up in Bountiful, Utah, but she has also spent several years living out of state in Arizona, Texas and even Brazil! Jen said, “When I’m not working, I’m usually on the river fly fishing, golfing, attending a sporting event, or spending time with friends and family.” And regarding Simplify Home Loans, Jen said, “It definitely has a family atmosphere where all team members are happy to do anything they can to get a loan closed.” She said, “As a Loan Officer I pride myself in being very thorough, transparent and direct. … In fact, my friends would qualify me as an “over-explainer,” but this quality comes in handy in the mortgage industry.”

Jared Read

Loan Officer

NMLS # 1734887
Meet Jared Read! Simplify Home Loans is happy to welcome Jared, our new loan officer, to the team! Jared is the second oldest of five children. He has two brothers and two sisters. Jared comes from a very close-knit family. In fact, Jared’s family members all live within a few minutes of one another. He says his 6-year-old daughter, Jayvree, has him wrapped around her finger. Jared loves every minute of watching his daughter grow up, though he says it’s happening way too fast. He enjoys outdoor activities like golfing, skiing, fishing, hunting, camping and mountain hikes with Jayvree and their two dogs. Jared loves the environment at Simplify Home Loans and appreciates being a part of a great team. He says he wants to provide the best possible customer service to the veterans who have served our country so well.

Nathan Walker

Loan Officer

NMLS # 66788
Meet Nathan Walker! Simplify Home Loans welcomes Nathan as a Loan Officer. He began working with us in December 2018. Nathan has three children. He loves to go camping with his family. They like to take their side-by-sides to the mountains to go trail-riding. Nathan also enjoys playing golf and going to the gym. He appreciates how our company plans activities outside of work, which contributes to the many reasons why Simplify Home Loans seems like a family. Nathan said, “I feel like I can contribute to the company’s success with my years of experience in the mortgage industry.” Nathan also said he has been originating loans for nearly 20 years. During that time, he has been grateful for the opportunity to work with veterans and to serve their families with their mortgage and financial needs.

Nathan Blair

Loan Officer

NMLS #1614806
Meet Nathan Blair! We are proud to have Nathan as a loan officer here at Simplify Home Loans. Nathan says he enjoys helping others with their financial needs, and he loves to spend every free moment with his family. When asked what the best part is about working for our company, Nathan said it’s that we “simplify home loans.” He also appreciates that he can tell borrowers that we can help because we’re genuinely able to provide them with the best rate and some of the best pricing.

Eli Harry

Loan Officer

NMLS #1899141
Meet Eli Harry! He joined the Simplify Home Loans family in the fall of 2019 as a Loan Officer Assistant. Eli has a bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University in Business Management. He has a wonderful wife and two quickly growing stepchildren, ages 11 and 13. In his free time, Eli enjoys skiing and ice climbing. When asked what he appreciates about being part of the Simplify team, Eli said, “I enjoy all my co-workers and the environment. I like taking good care of individual borrowers and keeping the file moving as quickly as possible.”

Eric Jorgensen

Loan Officer

NMLS #66795
Meet Eric Jorgensen! Though Eric began working at Simplify Home Loans in April 2020, he has been originating loans since 2003. Eric has been married for 18 years and has three great kids. As for his favorite pastimes, he loves to eat, snow ski, ride motorcycles and travel! Eric expressed what he appreciates about Simplify Home Loans: “We do make things simple for clients,” Eric said. “Loans don’t have to be confusing. We make them simple!” Eric contributes to the company through his experience and commitment. “I have personally closed over $1,000,000,000 in mortgages,” Eric said. Serving at a company like Simplify has special meaning to Eric. “My dad was an Army Captain,” he said. “I love to help veterans and their families.”

Travis Garlick

Loan Officer

NMLS #1901227
Meet Travis Garlick! He has worked as a Loan Officer with Simplify Home Loans since December of 2019. In his free time, Travis said he enjoys stock market trading, internet marketing and traveling. When describing his favorite aspect of Simplify Home Loans, Travis said, “We care about our customers. I work hard, as a loan officer, to make sure our borrowers are bettering their situation.”

Tyler Berry

Loan Officer

MLS #2004581
Meet Tyler Berry! Tyler has worked as a Loan Officer Assistant with Simplify Home Loans since the fall of 2019. He loves anything and everything to do with sports: Tyler is a big fan of the New York Yankees, the Utah Jazz and the Atlanta Falcons. He enjoys working at Simplify because he says everyone is extremely easy to work with and always willing to help. And Tyler said he contributes to the success of Simplify by making sure borrowers’ documents and questions are received and answered in a timely and professional manner.

Mitch Larsen

Loan Officer

NMLS #2002510
Meet Mitch Larsen! Since the late summer of 2020, Mitch has worked at Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle East Studies – Arabic. Mitch has a wonderful wife, Sarah; a stepson, David; and a daughter, Layla. He loves to play and watch sports. Mitch enjoys hiking, fishing, traveling and connecting with people wherever he goes. “I love being part of a company that is committed to helping others to fulfill the American Dream through home ownership and bettering their financial situation,” Mitch said. “As a soldier in the U.S. Army, I have learned the importance of working as a team, giving 100%, and always looking for ways to improve my performance.

Chandler Wilson

Loan Officer

NMLS #1999761
Meet Chandler Wilson! Sales Assistant Chandler Wilson joined Simplify Home Loans in May of 2020. He completed his associate degree in high school and now is working toward admittance to medical school. Though he acknowledges that the road will be long, Chandler believes he will enjoy Anesthesiology. He says he loves getting together for Sunday dinners, family game night and trips to Disneyland. On weekends Chandler enjoys planning adventures, longboarding, music and hitting the racetrack. He became interested in finance as a teenager and has worked on investments ever since. Chandler says he loves the personal growth he has found while working with the confident and capable people at Simplify Home Loans. He also values all the new insights he has gained while exploring the mortgage world. Chandler says he plans to apply what he has learned at Simplify when he purchases a property of his own.

Harrison Schiffbauer

Loan Officer

MLS #1928909
Meet Harrison Schiffbauer! Harrison joined the team at Simplify Home Loans in January 2020 as a Loan Officer Assistant. He has a degree in programming from Salt Lake Community College. “After working at a company auditing mortgages, I started to pursue a career in mortgage, and I gained a passion for working in this industry,” Harrison said. “I studied hard and completed the certifications to become an appraiser and have been currently studying to be a Loan Officer.” Harrison enjoys listening to music, playing games, and building computers when he has some free time. He says he also enjoys cooking dinner and making treats for his family. “I would say the part I love the most about this job is the ability to help people save money,” Harrison said. “I enjoy the feeling of being able to help someone and get them into a better situation.” Harrison feels that he contributes to the success of Simplify Home Loans because he loves to work. “To me, coming and doing a productive day’s work helps push the company forward,” Harrison said. “I also have two years of mortgage auditing experience, as well as three years of anti-fraud.”

Ben Parker

Loan Officer

MLS #2005406
Meet Ben Parker! He joined our team at Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant in the summer of 2020. Ben grew up in Utah. He moved to Seattle where he met his wife, Mckenna, and his dog. Ben says family is the most important thing, so he and his sweetheart moved back to Utah to be closer to their relatives. In his free time, Ben loves to play sports. Specifically, he enjoys golfing, fishing, football, basketball, and anything outdoors. “I really like being a part of the mortgage industry and helping people save money by helping them get into a loan that is best for them,” Ben said. And when asked how he helps Simplify Home Loans to be successful, Ben said, “I contribute to the success of the company by providing excellent customer service during all customer interactions.”

Zennon Hutchings

Loan Officer

MLS #1902200
Meet Zennon Hutchings! Zennon has worked with Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant since the fall of 2020. He says his immediate family constitutes his beautiful wife, Alyssa, and their dog, “Cash.” Zennon loves hunting, hiking and camping. He also enjoys working for Simplify: “I love the atmosphere and the vision of the company,” he said. “The idea of helping people better their financial situation and achieve the dream of home ownership is exciting to me.” Zennon said he contributes to the company by always working hard so the borrowers know that they have a professional who cares about their loan.

Brisa Winterton

Loan Officer

MLS #2043067
Meet Brisa Winterton! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Brisa as a Loan Officer Assistant in May 2020. Brisa said she comes from a rowdy family that likes to compete and play games. They enjoy playing pickleball, basketball and all sorts of outdoor games. “I love to wake-surf and go boating,” Brisa said. “You can also catch me on the tennis and pickleball court.” Brisa feels that Simplify Home Loans has an amazing atmosphere: “I felt welcomed and part of the Simplify family as soon as a walked through the door,” Brisa said. “I work closely with borrowers to ensure that their loan process goes as smoothly as possible.”

Matthew Randall

Loan Officer

MLS #1482546
Meet Matthew Randall! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Matthew as a Loan Officer Assistant in November of 2020. Matthew has been married since October 2018. He and his wife moved to Oregon right after getting married. The couple lived in Oregon for a year and then moved back to Utah to enable his wife to complete her education. Matthew enjoys reading books, playing sports and spending time with his family. He also really enjoys watching movies. “I love the atmosphere at Simplify and the learning environment is outstanding,” Matthew said. “I contribute to the success of the company by making sure I am doing my best in making the loan as simple as possible and being thorough in my work.” Matthew said he is always trying to make the process of closing the loan as easy and as simple as possible for the borrower

Jake Packham

Loan Officer

MLS #2122756
Meet Jake Packham! In December of 2020, Simplify Home Loans welcomed Jake as its Loan Officer Assistant Trainer. Jake is one tough cookie: He played three years of college rugby and two years of pro rugby! Jake says he is married to “the certified, most beautiful woman in the world” and they have “the perfect 6-month-old baby boy.” Outside of work, Jake’s hobbies are weightlifting, eating and sleeping. His favorite aspect of working for Simplify Home Loans is the daily opportunity he has to better someone’s life. Jake said he gets to help to constantly improve Simplify’s systems to better provide for our team members and clients.

Loan Setup

Kd Apgood

Loan Setup Team Lead

Meet Kd Apgood! As a Loan Office Assistant for Simplify Home Loans, Kd has been taking care of “Locks and Docs” since March 2020. Kd has a 2-year-old little boy, and she says her little, two-person family is everything to her. Kd says she loves the people and the atmosphere at Simplify Home Loans. “Everyone is so close and personable,” Kd said. It is her responsibility to lock all rates for the loan officers and borrowers and to send out the required documentation for the loan.

Becky Jensen

Loan Setup

Becky is responsible for sending information via eDisclosure, registering loans, ordering titles and locking rates. She has worked in the VA loans industry since 2014 and has always loved the people and the relaxed atmosphere. Simplify Home Loans in particular feels like a tight-knit family to her.

Becky earned her aesthetician’s license from the Mandalyn Academy in 2012. Outside the office, she greatly enjoys hiking, camping, attending concerts, spending time with her friends and boyfriend, caring for her two cats, and cleaning her home.

Paige Jolley

Loan Setup

Meet Paige Jolley! She began with our Loan Setup Team in January 2020. Paige graduated from Maple Mountain High School in Spanish Fork, Utah, in 2014. She is an only child who enjoys traveling, hiking, spending time with her family and her dogs. Paige says the best part about working for Simplify Home Loans is that everyone is so friendly. “It really feels like a family environment,” Paige said. In her role with Simplify Home Loans, Paige says she helps her customers lock in the best rates as quickly as possible.

Loan Processors

McKenna Parker

Loan Processing Manager

Meet McKenna Parker! She has worked as a Loan Officer Assistant with Simplify Home Loans since March of 2020. McKenna has her bachelor’s degree in business administration with emphases in marketing and management. She has a husband named Ben and a dog named Harley. McKenna and her family members love to travel, try new things and be outdoors. She appreciates how Simplify welcomes employees as part of a family-like team. “Everyone here has a common goal of helping borrowers the best that they can and offer the best support in order to get that done,” McKenna said. She contributes to the success of the company by giving customers the best experience possible to alleviate stress or questions that they might encounter along the way.

Joshua Andrade

Loan Processing Team Lead

Meet Joshua Andrade! Currently studying Business Management online at BYU-Idaho, Joshua joined Simplify Home Loans in October 2019 as a Loan Officer Assistant. He has worked in the mortgage industry as a Post-Closing Auditor, Loan Processor and Loan Officer Assistant since 2014. Joshua is multilingual as he is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Originally hailing from Las Vegas, Joshua married a lovely Brazilian gal named Francimara while in Mexico in 2014. Joshua and his wife love music. They are big concert-goers who attend many rock and indie shows. He is also a cinephile who loves all types of movies, from Hollywood blockbusters to independent foreign films. Joshua is an avid gamer who plays a wide variety of games on Xbox and PC. He also loves to travel and has visited several states in the U.S., as well as Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Brazil. “Working at Simplify is like being part of a big family with different backgrounds and personalities but who all share the same strong desire and dedication to helping and guiding our borrowers through the mortgage process,” Joshua said. “I love to solve problems and complicated puzzles. At Simplify I use that passion to help my borrowers get through a sometimes-difficult mortgage process by facing any challenge head-on with a positive attitude and working relentlessly to resolve any matter as quick as possible while keeping my borrowers closely informed of any situation.”

Nate Gazaway


Meet Nate Gazaway! Simplify Home Loans welcomes Nate as our newest loan processor! He says he likes the office atmosphere at Simplify and appreciates that our company is excelling at a time when many other mortgage companies are struggling. Nate has been married since 2006. He loves spending time with his wife, especially on road trips! Nate is also a big sports fan who loves to root for the Utah Jazz and the Denver Broncos.

Ashley Lopez

Loan Processor

Meet Ashley Lopez! Ashley began working with Simplify Home Loans at the end of 2020, when she began as a Loan Officer Assistant. She has since been promoted to serve as a Loan Processor. Ashley comes from a huge family in which she has nearly 40 siblings through adoption! She has three boys of her own. Ashley says they “keep her on her toes daily,” and she has a blast finding new adventures with them or relaxing with their favorite shows, snacks in hand. Ashley says the environment at Simplify Home Loans is what most people dream of being a part of. “Everyone is genuinely happy to be here and excited to help our borrowers or build relationships with our third parties,” Ashley said. “I wake up every day, excited to come in to work and soak up all of this!” And though she’s been with the company a short time, Ashley feels that she brings some important skills to Simplify, such as her effective and upbeat communication, a commitment to establishing quality organization within her processes, and a passion for helping improve anything she can for those around her (such as saving Simplify’s clients some major money)!

Emily Nelson

Loan Processor

Meet Emily Nelson! Emily has been working with our team as a Loan Officer Assistant since April 1, 2020. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah in urban planning. Emily also has a background in civil engineering and graphic design. “I married the perfect husband in 2017,” Emily said. “We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Ringo and Junior, who are my greatest treasures.” Emily says if she can’t be outside camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, ski touring, or rockhounding, then she has to keep her hands busy with cross-stitching, crocheting, knitting, quilting, drawing, painting, gardening, jigsaw puzzles, et al. Emily explained her favorite aspect of working at Simplify Home Loans: “Everyone is instantly welcomed into the group, and you can find help and support from any person you ask.” Emily continued, “The company cares about the employees unlike anywhere else, and I feel like I really matter here.” And as for her personal contributions to the company, Emily said, “I am detail-oriented, great with numbers and annoyingly punctual!”

Julia Harris

Loan Processor

Meet Julia Harris! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Julia onboard as a Loan Officer Assistant since May of 2020. She graduated from Hillcrest High School in 2013 and is currently attending Utah Valley University. Half of Julia’s family is from Mexico, and the other half is from Tonga. She enjoys “doing crafty things,” such as painting, sewing and crocheting. Julia likes puzzles, and on the weekends, she likes to hike, watch movies, hit the gym, and spend time with her family and friends. She also loves music, Latin dancing, traveling and exploring new places. Julia says she appreciates the level of organization at Simplify Home Loans, as well as the ability to grow professionally. She also likes how close Simplify’s office space is to where she lives! Julia enjoys being a part of a team. “I help things stay in compliance, organized and progressing,” Julia said. “I am easygoing and have knowledge that I’ve brought from my previous jobs.”

Kayson Max

Loan Processor

Meet Kayson Max! Since September of 2020, Kayson began working with Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in policy analysis from Utah Valley University in 2020, in addition to his associate degree in history in 2018. Kayson married Michelle in May 2019. She is a Canadian whose parents live in Ohio, so Kayson and Michelle travel to Ohio and Toronto as much as possible to visit her family. All of Kayson’s family members live in Utah, so they try to make the long journey to Provo occasionally, as well. Kayson has a cat named “Betty.” He’s a big-time sports fans — especially when it comes to the Utah Jazz and Denver Broncos. Kayson says he enjoys golf and re-watching the same three sitcoms over and over again. He likes to listen to audiobooks, and his homemade snickerdoodles have no small reputation. Kayson’s favorite aspect of working for Simplify Home Loans is the closeness of its team members. He said, “Everyone is crazy nice and genuine, which makes the entire office environment super positive and enjoyable.”

Brennly Bradley

Loan Processor

Meet Brennly Bradley! Brennly has worked with Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant since August of 2020. She graduated from Utah State University with a major in business. Brennly received an academic award from the English Department, as well as an award from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Presently, she is in the process of completing her real estate licensing course work, and she plans to take course work for her NMLS licensing. Brennly got married in June of 2015, and the couple have a mini poodle named “Poppy,” whom they love. She says that she and her husband are originally from Pennsylvania and have lived in California and Kentucky prior to deciding to permanently settle down in Utah. Brennly loves to travel and try new things. She also loves to work out and go on walks and hikes with her husband and dog. “What I like best about Simplify Home Loans is the company culture,” Brennly said. “I feel valued and a part of the team.” She said she contributes to the success of the company by providing exemplary customer service to all her borrowers in order to provide reassurance and understanding during their loan process.

Casey Olsen

Loan Processor

Meet Casey Olsen! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Casey as one of its Loan Officer Assistants in July 2020. He loves to spend time outdoors, hike with his dog, travel “around the world,” and ride motorcycles all around the beautiful state of Utah. Casey loves any board sport — including skateboarding, snowboarding, and of course, surfing. Casey described his favorite aspect of working for our company: “Simplify has a very strong and respectful culture to not only our employees, but our clients, as well.”

Megan Anderson

Loan Processor

Meet Megan Anderson! Since the fall of 2020, Megan has worked at Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant. She plans to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in April 2021. “I think Simplify Home Loans is a great company that treats their employees and their clients very well,” Megan said. “Everyone in the office is super nice and contributes to a great atmosphere.” And when asked how Megan plays a role in the success of Simplify Home Loans, she said she uses the skills that she has gained from school and previous employers. She said, “I take the relationship between the client and the company in my hands and work hard to make sure our promises and reputation are maintained.”

Brooke Hardman

Loan Processor

Meet Brooke Hardman! She began working as a Loan Officer Assistant at Simplify Home Loans in the early spring of 2021. Brooke is presently earning her degree in applied behavioral science. Previously, she worked as a massage therapist for 15 years. She has two children and two dogs. When she’s not working, she loves to go camping and ride ATVs. Brooke said, “I love being at a company where the CEO is generous, kind and knowledgeable about his business.”

Mandy Barker

Loan Processor

Meet Mandy Aufdemorte! She started as an Administrative Assistant with Simplify Home Loans in January 2020, and has since moved over to the loan side of things. Mandy is the eldest of three siblings. She loves to express herself through painting, and she also likes to cook. In the summertime, Mandy enjoys riding bicycles. She also loves to spend time traveling with her family and friends. “I find a lot of peace when I am in the outdoors and in the mountains,” Mandy said. As for her role at Simplify Home Loans, she said, “I am here for any support that is needed in the office. The people I work with are amazing!”

Alli Pearson

Loan Processor

Meet Alli Pearson! Alli began working as a Loan Officer Assistant for Simplify Home Loans in November 2020. She graduated from high school nearly a year early to begin her career in finance. Alli has two brothers and a sister. She says her family members are her best friends. “We go on lots of fun trips each year,” Alli said. She said her family’s favorite adventure is their Lake Powell trip because they get to spend a week on the houseboat in such a beautiful place. Alli loves dogs, shopping, home decorating, cleaning and organizing. When asked about her favorite part of working for this company, Alli said, “I love the people most of all at Simplify. Everyone is such a team, and it creates a fantastic work environment.” She appreciates the way Simplify invests in its employees, and she enjoys having the opportunity to speak with so many different people — including co-workers and borrowers from around the states. After five years in banking, Alli made the transition to mortgages only. “I love contributing to the success of the company and the borrowers’ goals by staying on top of files and going the extra mile to help where I can,” Alli said. “Keeping everyone on the same page makes the biggest difference, and that is what Simplify Home Loans does!”

Brendan Christensen

Loan Processor

Meet Brendan Christensen! Brendan began working for Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant in September of 2020. He graduated from Utah Valley University in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in business management. Brendan says he has an incredible wife of six years and a beautiful, 19-month-old daughter who is the centerpiece of their lives. When he’s not working at Simplify, Brendan says he loves anything outdoors: hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, camping, etc. “I love being a part of a company that truly cares about its clients and will do anything to put them first,” Brendan said. “I am also honored to work at a place that values the livelihood of its employees. Simplify Home Loans is like no other company I’ve worked for!” When asked how Brendan contributes to the success of Simplify, he said, “I do my best to listen to clients and to help resolve their needs and concerns. I also try to be the best assistant to our team of loan officers that I can be.”

Jillian Peck

Loan Processor

Meet Jill Peck! She has been serving Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant since October 2020. Jill studies math education at Utah Valley University. In her free time, Jill enjoys hiking, swimming, boating, going to the beach and anything outside — as long as it’s warm! She plays piano, guitar and loves to listen to music. When asked about her experience of working with Simplify: “I love being part of a team that has such amazing customer service,” Jill said. “I think it’s so cool to read all of the amazing reviews that we receive.” And when she was asked how she contributes to the success of the company, Jill said, “I take my loans very seriously and do everything I can to make sure they are done to the best of my ability.”

Loan Officer Assistants

Kristi Kent

Loan Officer Assistant Department Manager

Meet Kristi Kent! She has served as a Loan Officer Assistant with Simplify Home Loans since August of 2020. Kristi studied Accounting at Utah Valley University. She enjoys hiking, paddle boarding and off-roading in Moab. She is also infamous for taking everyone’s money in a good game of Monopoly! Regarding her feelings about working for a great company like Simplify, Kristi said, “It’s well known that when you treat your employees well that it will flow directly to your customers, and Simplify Home Loans has shown that to be true!” She said Simplify has made its employees a priority, which in turn, makes for a great customer experience. Kristi appreciates Simplify’s friendly, growth-oriented atmosphere, with every team member openly supporting one another.

Samantha Fringer

Loan Officer Assistant Team Lead

Meet Samantha Fringer! Samantha has been serving Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant since February 2020. She graduated from Kent State University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Samantha is married and has two little girls, ages 4 and 2. “My husband and I like to try new things all the time,” Samantha said. “This includes woodworking, jewelry-making, painting and hiking. Other than that, our children and animals keep us busy.” Her favorite aspect of working on the Simplify team is the great environment of people who are all willing to help where they can. As a Loan Officer Assistant, Samantha assists buyers by gathering all required documents and answering questions to help the loan fund as fast as possible.

Heather Wong

Loan Officer Assistant Team Lead

Meet Heather Wong! Heather has worked with Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant since August of 2020. She is the mother of two little girls — the elder is 11 and the younger is 9. Heather loves to find different trails to run on. And what she appreciates about Simplify is how everyone is always so friendly and eager to help one another.

Leslie Quintanar

Loan Officer Assistant Team Lead

Meet Leslie Quintanar! Leslie joined the Simplify team as a Loan Officer Assistant since March of 2020. She graduated in 2016. Leslie has been a ballroom dancer since 2007, and she played volleyball in high school. “Family is the most important thing to me,” Leslie said. “We are all so close: I am the second oldest of five kids. We are all close in age, except for the youngest who is only 10.” Leslie is a self-styled adrenaline junky. She says she loves rollercoasters and the feeling that comes with riding them. “I enjoy getting out, trying new things, spending time with my boyfriend, watching movies and chasing my dog down to salvage the remainder of my socks,” Leslie said. She said the environment at Simplify Home Loans is easy to walk into because the team makes sure that newcomers feel important and valued. Leslie said, “I do my absolute best to help borrowers make their experience the best it can be!”

Leandra Hollingshead

Loan Officer Assistant Team Lead

Meet Leandra Hollingshead! Leandra has worked at Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant since fall of 2020. She earned her associate degree in 2018 and her property and casualty insurance license in 2019. In October of 2017, Leandra married Tanner. Together, they have two little chihuahuas that they regard as their children. In her free time, Leandra loves to play Beat Saber VR with her husband, and on the weekends, she enjoys biking and camping. Regarding her feelings about working for Simplify, Leandra said, “The environment here is amazing. Everyone supports one another and motivates each other to become the best they can be.” For her role at the company, Leandra said she builds relationships with her borrowers and keeps them comfortable as their loans are starting to close. “My biggest motivation is making others feel happy,” Leandra said. “I care about each client just as I would care about my own friends or family.” She says that when her customers are confident in her as a Loan Officer Assistant, that motivates her even more to grow within the company. “I am so grateful to have the opportunity to continue learning and growing here,” Leandra said, “and to build the kind of relationships that keep people coming our way!

Erin Black

Loan Officer Assistant Team Lead

Meet Erin Black! Serving as a Loan Officer Assistant at Simplify Home Loans since February 2020, Erin is the mother of three boys and two “fur babies.” Her family moved to Utah in January 2020. Erin enjoys hiking, paddle-boarding and doing anything outside! She enjoys working at Simplify Home Loans because it has a great team atmosphere where everyone is friendly and willing to help one another. “I love knowing we are helping people every day,” Erin said. In her role as a Loan Officer Assistant, she uses her customer service background and valuable mortgage experience to help the company continue to close loans and provide outstanding customer service every day!

Cameron Elggren

Loan Officer Assistant Team Lead

Meet Cameron Elggren! Working as a Loan Officer Assistant, Cameron has been a part of the Simplify Home Loans family since May of 2020. He is currently attending Utah Valley University where he is studying finance. Cameron says he has an amazing wife named Laura, and though he loves all sports, his go-to is soccer. Cameron says the best part of working for Simplify is helping people, and he particularly enjoys keeping things simple for the borrowers.

Janice Bennee

Loan Officer Assistant Trainer

Meet Janice Bennee! In May of 2020, Janice began working with Simplify Home Loans. She serves as a Loan Officer Assistant. Janice is currently taking courses at Utah Valley University, and she enjoys hiking, camping and concerts. “I love coming to work every day,” Janice said. “I do my best to help people save money and finish out their refinances as quick and easy as possible.”

Tara Marquardt

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet Tara Marquardt! Tara returned to work with Simplify Home Loans as a Sales Assistant during the summer of 2020. She is working on completing her credential in Special Education. Due to her busy schedule, Tara doesn’t have a lot of extra time for hobbies. But when she gets some downtime, she enjoys photography and eating, which recently entails cooking and baking gluten-free foods that actually taste good! Tara says she plans on sharing her newfound hobby with her co-workers in the future, though she will still incorporate gluten. “The Simplify family is so fun and welcoming that I just had to come back,” Tara said. “It’s a great place to work with some of the best co-workers I’ve ever had — and so many more in the last year!” When asked what she appreciates about working for Simplify Home Loans, Tara said she enjoys the opportunity to speak with various people across the country. Tara said she feels like she gets to know them, even if the conversation is brief. “Today I even received a new recipe to try from one of our clients,” Tara said. “If I can bring a little joy into their day, whether being a kind and willing ear, telling a joke, or just being able to connect them to a Loan Officer to save them money, then I’m happy to do so.”

J’Lynn Allred

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet J’Lynn Allred! Simplify Home Loans welcomed J’Lynn as a Loan Officer Assistant in May of 2020. She has some very valuable experience, including the fact that she’s a licensed real estate agent and a notary. J’Lynn has worked in the real estate / lending business for the past 16 years, and she most recently came from working in commercial real estate. J’Lynn has four children and two grandchildren that she and her husband recently adopted. She says she loves to do home décor and paint. J’Lynn says she’s also passionate about the healing arts. “I use a technique called IPT to help reprogram old beliefs and trauma,” J’Lynn said. Her favorite aspect of working for Simplify is that the company treats its clients very well and offers great customer service. She says Simplify Home Loans treats its employees well and values their feedback. And the way that J’Lynn says she contributes to the success of Simplify is by providing great customer service and hard work. J’Lynn also says that Simplify’s owner is an awesome leader.

Matt Pinkney

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet Matt Pinkney! Simplify Home Loans has enjoyed having Matt as part of our family since 2016. He currently serves as a Loan Officer Assistant. Standing 6 feet, 10 inches tall, Matt is a self-styled Teddy Bear who studied and played basketball at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has been happily married to his sweetheart, Jill, since 2012, and Matt is the proud father of two young boys, Zephyr and Alex. In addition to roughhousing with his kids, Matt also loves to golf. At Simplify Matt strives to work hard and focuses on getting things done in a timely manner. “The people I work with are great,” Matt said, “and very willing to help the new guy.”

Cole Cody

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet Cole Cody! He has worked as a Loan Officer Assistant for Simplify Home Loans since May 2020. Cole is a pre-nursing major with a minor in American Indian studies. He was born and raised in Arizona and is the youngest of four siblings. Cole enjoys longboarding, fishing, going to the lake, and watching sports — especially the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Coyotes! Cole says he likes the work environment at Simplify Home Loans. He said, “I also like being able to help active duty and veterans who have sacrificed and served our country.” Cole said that he contributes to the success of Simplify by making sure the loan process goes smoothly while keeping his customers as informed as possible.

Mallory Christie

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet Mallory Christie! Since the spring of 2020, Mallory has served Simplify as a Loan Officer Assistant. She said she married her high school sweetheart, and they have two kids. Mallory enjoys hiking, four-wheeling, camping and traveling. She described what she appreciates about working for Simplify Home Loans: “There is no one that is ever left feeling that they cannot reach out when they have questions or ask for help,” Mallory said. “Everyone cares about the success of others.” Mallory feels that she contributes to the success of Simplify with her attention to detail. She is passionate about her work, likes to make others happy, and she’s rather bashful when talking about herself.

Haley Jessen

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet Haley Jessen! Haley has worked as a Loan Officer Assistant with Simplify since April of 2020. She says she’s been married to her best friend, Zach, since 2019, though the couple has been together since 2013. Haley has a boxer named “Mac,” and a daughter who is a year old. Haley enjoys fishing, kayaking and country music concerts. She appreciates the family atmosphere at Simplify Home Loans and the opportunity that her work provides for her to learn and grow. She also loves how dedicated the Simplify team members are to their clients. “I am the main point of contact for my clients,” Haley said. “I obtain the initial documents from the clients and guide them all the way through the loan process until funding.”

Zakkary Coomes

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet Zakkary Coomes! Since May of 2020, Zakkary has worked as a Loan Officer Assistant with Simplify Home Loans. He is studying business management at Utah Valley University. Zakkary has 12 siblings that he says keep him competitive in his life. His hobbies are camping, hiking, movies and video games. Zakkary says he enjoys helping others to achieve their financial goals of owning a home, and he strives to make the process of owning a home stress-free and simple.

Evelyn Cortes

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet Evelyn Cortes! She has worked for Simplify Home Loans as a Loan Officer Assistant since the spring of 2021. Currently, Evelyn is a student at Utah Valley University. She said she married her childhood best friend, and she is now the mother of the funniest 6-year-old named Santi. Evelyn enjoys road trips, hiking, and she’s fascinated with dentistry. Her favorite thing about Simplify is the amazing work atmosphere and teamwork that she experiences while working there. She feels that she contributes to the company by always being eager to learn, so she can provide even better service for her clients.

Janaylee Fringer

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet Janaylee Fringer! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Janaylee as a Loan Office Assistant at the beginning of 2021. Janaylee says the best aspect of working for Simplify is the environment provided by her fellow team members. “Every single person here is always willing to help,” Janaylee said. “They show dedication to their job in everything they do.” Janaylee says she contributes to the success of the company by being as available as possible for borrowers, showing how much she cares by always showing up for them! Family is incredibly important to Janaylee. She attributes the fact that she was “the baby” of six kids with how she learned to care for others. And when she’s not working? “I love being active either in a gym or being outside,” Janaylee said. “I am an avid reader, and I like to keep up on my movies.”

Jon Faulring

Loan Officer Assistant

Meet Jon Faulring! He began working as a Loan Officer Assistant for Simplify Home Loans in the spring of 2021. Jon has five children; the eldest is now 18 and his youngest is 3. Jon and his girlfriend are looking forward to their marriage in October 2021. His Transformers collection consists of more than 200 action figures, and it’s still growing! Jon appreciates that Simplify Home Loans is a friendly company at which everybody is happy to help one another. “I do my best with each borrower,” Jon said, “and I love learning new things every day.”

Sales Assistants

Brody Osborne

Sales Assistant Team Lead

Meet Brody Osborne! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Brody to the team as a Sales Assistant in March of 2020. Brody has been married to his wife, Paris, for five years, and they have a 6-year-old son and a new baby on the way! Brody enjoys a very active lifestyle. He plays tournament softball, snowboards and skateboards. Brody is a self-styled “Harley Davidson nut,” and he coaches his son’s sport teams. He says his family also loves to travel. “The best part of being a part of Simplify is that it isn’t just a job,” Brody said, “it’s a family and everyone here looks out for each other.” Brody said that Simplify’s owner, Jake Deegan, likes to see everyone succeed. He said, “Jake helps push you and gets you the knowledge you need to advance in your position and in the company.” Brody said, “I help the company by making sure we get everyone pre-qualified and over to our excellent Loan Officers, so we can help them with their mortgage goals.”

Jacob Lamb

Sales Assistant

Meet Jacob Lamb! He has been working with Simplify Home Loans since February of 2020. Jacob graduated from Weber State University with an associate degree. He is the eldest of seven children. Jacob enjoys snowboarding, volleyball and videography. He says his favorite aspects of working at Simplify are the culture, the people and the industry. In his role at Simplify, Jacob contributes to the team by cultivating strong interpersonal relationships and building great rapport with clients.

Raquel Quintinar

Sales Assistant

Meet Raquel Quintanar! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Raquel as a Sales Assistant in May of 2020. She graduated in 2017, served as the captain of the volleyball team, and accomplished the keys to success! “I’m the middle child, and I’m my dad’s favorite child,” Raquel said. “We are very close, but my favorite sibling is the youngest — shhh, don’t tell the others.” Raquel enjoys playing board games, reading and writing. She appreciates the fact that everyone who works at Simplify is easy to talk to and very friendly. Raquel said, “I make the initial contact with our potential borrowers, building up a relationship with them and sending them to the loan officers who make the process for them breeze through!”

William Kennedy

Sales Assistant

Meet William Kennedy! Simplify Home Loans brought William onboard as a Loan Officer Assistant in May of 2020. William expects to graduate next year from Brigham Young University – Idaho with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business management, with a focus in economics and finance. He maintains a 3.5 grade-point average. William was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has lived in Utah for more than a decade. William says he is happily married with one daughter. “I love reading, exercising, sports, and learning about history,” William said. He loves to “be a part of something bigger,” and he appreciates Simplify’s close-knit family feel.


Christopher Sirstins

Marketing Manager

Meet Christopher Sirstins! Starting in the fall of 2019, Simplify Home Loans welcomed Christopher as our Marketing Manager. Christopher has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Journalism from the University of Utah. He was doing marketing for another mortgage company prior to working for Simplify Home Loans. Christopher was anxious to accept this position because it was a great opportunity for him to build a marketing department from the ground up. Christopher’s world revolves around his perfect 3-year old daughter, RaeLynn! Christopher loves to travel. His favorite place in the world is Rome, but Disneyland is a very close second. Christopher also loves to watch (and play) sports, particularly Utah football. He also admits to loving fantasy football a little too much. Christopher also collects and builds LEGO: He says it’s “kinda nerdy, but oddly therapeutic.” “Simplify is a relatively small company, but doing big things, and I wanted to be a part of everything happening around here,” Christopher said. “I want to provide Simplify with the marketing tools needed to build upon the success they’ve experienced thus far, with the goal of growth and expansion.”

Percy Harris

Marketing Assistant

Meet Percy Harris. He was raised in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Although being from Hawaii, he is of Tongan decent. He moved to Utah shortly after returning from his mission in Nashville TN. Percy has lived here for 5 years now. He is married to a phenomenal woman named Julia and they have a crazy energetic labradoodle named Raven and a baby boy named James! He loves comic books and sneakers! If you’re a fan of Marvel or DC, he looks forward to chatting about which universe you like the most. The same goes for shoes; Adidas Or Nike? Two comic book universes and two sneaker brands that will forever rage war against one another. As far as likes go, He is a pretty easy going fella. He really enjoys watching movies, dancing, bowling, and eating. He’s open minded towards whatever new activities or adventures are out there. He worked a plethora of jobs that are based around people. From door-to-door sales, call centers and behavior-based programs (special needs groups and addiction treatment programs). He absolutely loves history and hopes someday to teach it. Till then he is excited to venture off into the world of marketing here at Simplify Home Loans.

Amy Wheeler

Marketing Assistant

Meet Amy Wheeler! She has worked with Simplify Home Loans since May 2020. Amy hails from Logan, Utah. She is the eldest of her three siblings, and Amy lives in Spanish Fork with her husband. In her free time, Amy loves to work on crafts, watch movies with her husband, try new recipes and spend lots of time with her family. She enjoys working at Simplify Home Loans due to its positive, upbeat environment. “I feel good coming in to work every day,” Amy said. “I love how much room there is to grow here.” Amy said she deeply cares about the future of Simplify Home Loans, and she is anxious to see it grow in the years to come!


Maggie Peterson

Administrative Coordinator

Meet Magnificent Maggie Peterson! Since 2017, Maggie has been faithfully serving at Simplify Home Loans as an Administrative Coordinator. Maggie has been invaluable to Simplify as she toils in her multi-faceted role, which also includes her assistance with office design/remodeling and event planning. Or to put it another way, Maggie takes care of everything for the company that isn’t loan-related. Maggie loves to try new things, and loves everything Disney- you could say she’s a Disneyland fanatic. She has been married to her best friend since 2014. Maggie and her husband love the outdoors. Together they enjoy hiking and embarking on adventures. She also loves the culture at Simplify Home Loans. “Not only does Simplify make it their No. 1 priority to help veterans,” Maggie said, “but they truly care about everyone who helps to make it all come together.”

Breanna Norman

Licensing Specialist

Meet Breanna Norman! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Breanna as an Administrative Assistant in the spring of 2020. She enjoys any activity that involves the outdoors, including camping, boating, hiking, four-wheeling, shooting, etc. Breanna also loves to play pickleball. She says her favorite aspect of working for Simplify Home Loans is the people because everyone is so nice and friendly.

Shannon Mago

Administrative Assistant

Meet Shannon Mago! Shannon has been a part of Simplify Home Loans since September of 2020. She serves as an Administrative Assistant. Shannon said she’s happily married to her best friend, and together they have four beautiful daughters. When she’s not working, Shannon said she loves spending time as a family and enjoying the outdoors. She also enjoys shopping, decorating, cooking, and baking — especially during the holidays. “I love the atmosphere of Simplify because everyone is friendly and willing to help one another,” Shannon said. “There’s nothing better than working for a company that takes care of its employees.” Shannon said she contributes to the success of the company because she is willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Referring to her fellow Administrative Assistants, Shannon said, “I like to say that we are the team behind the team. Admin is always ready to jump in and take care of the needs of Simplify.”

Megan Calton

Administrative Assistant

Meet Megan Calton! She has served as a Loan Officer Assistant with Simplify Home Loans since December 2019. Megan says that she and her husband, Josh, have three kids that keep them busy. She loves kayaking, traveling and discovering new places with her family. Megan says she admires how everyone at Simplify Home Loans works together as a team. “Everyone has been so helpful, and they answer any questions I have,” Megan said. “Coming from a military family, it makes me proud to be working closely with and assisting veterans.” At Simplify Home Loans, Megan works as the main point of contact for her clients during the loan process. Megan said, “I love being able to work together with the borrower, in order to cross tasks off our to-do list and move the loan forward as quickly as possible.”

Carly Wilson

Administrative Assistant

Meet Carly Wilson! Carly has worked as an Administrative Assistant at Simplify Home Loans since the fall of 2020. She is married to a great guy named Russell, and they have a dog named Murphy. Carly loves to watch movies, play pickleball and ride bikes with her husband. She is also fond of crafting and sewing. With the help of her co-workers, Carly likes to work toward the success of Simplify Home Loans and its customers. She feels that she contributes to the company by helping its employees, so they can help the borrowers!

Mariah Ratliff

Administrative Assistant

Meet Mariah Ratliff! She has worked at Simplify Home Loans as an Administrative Assistant since the spring of 2021. Mariah is a self-styled “Kitty Mama,” Netflix enthusiast and a lover of travel. She said she is married to the love of her life. Mariah feels the best aspect of being a part of Simplify Home Loans is the people she gets to work with! She also said she contributes to the success of the company by serving as one of its five awesome Administrative Assistants.

Human Resources

Noah Kjar

HR Coordinator

Meet Noah Kjar! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Noah as a Loan Officer Assistant during the fall of 2019. In college, Noah was an ambitious double major whose emphases were Business Management and American History. His hobbies include going for long motorcycle rides through the beautiful USA, traveling to visit other countries, and watching football with his family. Noah said he likes to “go the extra mile” for clients. “Crystal clear communication and follow-up are something that our team does well,” Noah said. “We are your mortgage detectives: We problem-solve and are an advocate for you to make your mortgage a success!”


Bryson Peterson

IT Support Specialist

Meet Bryson Peterson! Simplify Home Loans welcomed Bryson as an IT Support Specialist in September of 2020. He is working on obtaining his bachelor’s degree in software engineering. Bryson said he’s been happily married for seven years. He enjoys playing video games and basketball with his friends. Bryson also loves to embark on outdoor adventures, and he’s a big fan of watching the NBA and NFL. Go 49ers! When asked about his role at Simplify, Bryson said his job is to help with any technical issues and to ensure that his team members have functional workstations for completing their jobs effectively. And when asked about his favorite aspect of Simplify Home Loans, Bryson answered, “The environment that the CEO has created for everyone here. Honestly, it’s a great company to work for.”

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