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Simplify Home Loans is the best company world wide. I worked with Bryson and Nathan and I must say these guys are top notch. They were very patient, answer all my questions and walked me thru each and every step of the process. I will highly recommend them to all Veterans world wide. Thanks

– Jessica J.

Great customer service very polite.Always answer questions and call you back. Tyler and Bryson were the best. Thank you

– Melody R’s.

Easy to work with, stayed on schedule and were constantly keeping me informed. I have already referred them to others.

– Fredrick G

Jerry Holland is so helpful -very honest and hard-working. He gets the job done

– Tammy B.

The refinance process went smoothly. Everyone I spoke to was very professional and courteous.

– Augustus S.

This refinance was a lot smoother than my last refinance. There no were no issues and the customer service was excellent.

– George M.

This refinance was a great experience. My last refi took a lot longer, but thanks to the easy esigning process this was all painless. The communication was good and they were always there to answer my questions. I will definitely be back in the future.

– Matthew H.

Simplify Home Loans was great! Bryson was always on top of things and keeping us posted. Nothing to complain about at all. Thank you so much Simplify Home Loans!

– Elvie V.

Working with Simplify Home Loans was an awesome experience. Everything was straight forward, done quickly and accurately. It was the quickest closing I have ever had

– Dieter H.

Simplify Home Loans gave us the best VA mortgage loan ever. We didn’t know such loans were available. In fact, it seemed to be too good. So, I recommended to them to make it easier for customers to verify their legitimacy because of all the “too good to be true” scams out there.

– Joe H

This was the EASIEST refinance I have ever done! I really loved the tools they used, such as Docusign and how easy it was to sign everything. I highly recommend Simplify Home Loans to other Veterans that want to save money on their Mortgage!

– Keith K.

The Simplify Home Loans team members we dealt with are very courteous and professional in their approach. They have a simple process that allows the borrower to track progress and they are very responsive in taking care of the details. I would highly recommend them to all, particularly all my fellow veterans

– Paul H.

These guys are top notch. Worked mainly with Jacob and Kayson. They were very patient with me answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. Really good and honest company.

– Greg H.

Simplify Home Loan LLC, was great in helping us refinance our home and they lowered our mortgage payment a great deal, allowing me to pay off some bills sooner than I expected. Their the #1 VA Home Loan Company in the country. I recommend this company to all my friends and family. I’m very pleased with their work.

– Pat M.

My overall experience was very, very good! I always heard from someone at least on a weekly basis. Unlike other companies, they were great at it! I would say for other people is, make sure you get or know all your options laid out for you so you have the best knowledgeable choice.

– Ann H.

I contacted them to see what they offered. What I found was not only a lower rate but about a $300 a month savings. Great service and always there to help.

– John H

My experience with Simplify Home Loans was really good. I had no problems with them and Bryson, Marty, and Joshua Jensen were very supportive during the whole process. I think they could explain the hard to understand documents a little more in depth to say, new comers to VA loans. It always felt like I was talking to a friend or non-robotic person at Simplify Home Loans, which I really liked about them.

– Matthew R.

This refinance was 10,000 times better than the last one. It was an absolute breeze. The customer service was very fast. If anything needed to get resolved I was made aware within minutes. Top notch performance with everyone I worked with at Simplify Home loans

– Christian I.

Bryson and everyone else involved were very professional. Timeliness was kept and the Notary was prompt. I’m very pleased with how smooth everything went.

– Roy S

The entire process was pretty painless and smooth going. Simplify Home Loans did great. I really like the level of involvement that they had, especially during the holidays. The day of the closing there was an issue with the notary; however, they located another one and we were able to complete the loan. Other than that, I was happy with the process.

– Isabella B.

A phone call from Simplify Home Loans, at the time of my husbands’ death, was like a gift from heaven. I needed to reduce my mortgage and I had no idea how I would make ends meet. This turned out to be a good experience for me and a big reduction in my monthly payment. I wanted to live here for at least three more years-now I can. All the loan workers were wonderful and very helpful. When signing loan papers, I did’t even have to leave the house. Linda came to me. Thank you. Thanks to you guys, it was all good.

– Carole S.

I went with Simplify Homeloans after doing some reseach of all the companies that were wanting to do my refinance. They did not dissapoint. Kayson Stevens the specialist assigned to me was on point in communicating what was needed and kept me up to date with the process. I know I was not one of their easier clients due to my debt to income ratio but they got it done putting me in better financial situation.

– Darwin I

Joshua Jenson and Kayson Stevens were great to work with whenever I called no matter how many times I called they always returned my call and always answered my questions. Great guys

– Doyle R.

My rep Kayson was a superstar! He replied to my phone calls and emails in blinding speed. If he did not know the answer to a question he got the answer in a matter of minutes. The one time that he had to leave early for a doctors appointment and I had a question his supervisor replied in his absence. And Kayson even followed up the next day to make sure my needs were met. Their loan fees were very reasonable and even though my credit score was low they still got my needs met. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a service oriented company.

– Jeff I.

Thank you for your kind assistance in our refinance. Though challenging with the IRS, I all worked out fine. Thanks again

– Marie P.

This was our first experience conducting business with someone so far away. All of our business was done online or on the telephone. We were quite nervous at first. So much so I wanted to pull out at one point after quite a bit of the work had been completed. I asked a million and one questions of Jake and Kayson. Both of them were ALWAYS kind and patient with me. If I would have been in their shoes I may have not been so kind to me. 🙂 We made several changes and the two of them rolled with all of them always being professional and patient. I would definitely recommend Simplify Home Loans to any Veteran.

– Gina W.

Simplify Home Loans is a very professional company to deal with. I felt my Rep. made it his personal goal to get Our loan complete in a timely manner. He was always available through a simple phone call, email or fax. He returned my phone calls promptly each and every time. I highly recommend them for all your Home/Refinance needs

– Brandy F.

I thought the process with Simplify Home Loans was very streamlined and smooth. I have refinanced a couple times before and I liked how everything this time around was done electronically. It made it very easy. I highly recommend anyone to use Simplify Home Loans on their next mortgage!!! Great job and outstanding customer service and communication!!!

– Raymond B.

From loan inception to the resolution, SIMPLIFY HOME LOAN lived up to their name. I received a personal phone call and introduction from a loan officer offering to substantially reduce my mortgage interest cost using a VA Hybrid loan. The process started by electronically submitting a few pieces of supporting documentation. Lastly, I was introduced to the loan processor who guided me through the next phase using an intuitive online loan processing tool. The whole loan process was absolutely flawless; all of which resulted in a seamless closing at my home. I recommend SIMPLIFY HOME LOAN to my fellow Veterans.

– Alfred S.

I was being hounded by many lenders before I started working with Simplify Home loans. What caught my attention was that Simplify Home loans made it very personal. Josh Jensen my loan officer made it a point to come to my house and gave me great information on why this refinance is important. They are a friendly and informative company that was easy to work with.

– Shawn E.

My overall experience at Simplify Home Loans was outstanding. Bryson and Josh were very good at what they did. Their attitude was very positive. Being able to reach either Bryson or Josh was not a problem. I was able to get a hold of one of them either way and they know exactly what to do. Only thing I would suggest is give better time expectations. But overall, amazing!

– Trudy D

My overall experience at Simplify Home Loans was outstanding. Bryson and Josh were very good at what they did. Their attitude was very positive. Being able to reach either Bryson or Josh was not a problem. I was able to get a hold of one of them either way and they know exactly what to do. Only thing I would suggest is give better time expectations. But overall, amazing!

– Jefferson D

I worked with Simplify Home Loans to get a better mortgage rate since my loan rate was lower than my current home loan rate. I was able to work with Mercedes who guided me through the process of getting the best rate for my home. The process was easy to follow and after a few weeks we had a loan that was affordable for myself and will save me money in the future. Thanks for all the work you did on my loan.

– Jerry N.

I appreciate Simplify Home Loans because they were very up front and informative throughout the refinance process. I was very leery from the get go, but they followed through with what they preached. I liked how I didn’t really have to do anything besides provide a couple of documents and esign a few disclosures. Simplify did everything for me and made it easy.

– Jeff N.

Simplify Home Loans lived up to their name. Everything was very simple and easy to understand. If I had a question, I didn’t have to call 10 times to get to someone, someone was always able to answer the phone and get me directly to the person I needed. There was a handful of documents that were needed to get signed, but that just comes with the refinance process. An overall great experience.

– JB B.

My experience with Simplify Home Loans was excellent. It was a very smooth and simple process. Someone was always there to help answer my questions and I didn’t feel rushed or pushed into a corner through it all. They lived up to their name.

– Norma H.

I thought the overall process with Simplify home loans was good. Each person I spoke to was very personable. I was really grateful for Jake Deegan, my loan officer, because he sent me a book that helped me understand debt and how to get out of it. I didn’t request that from him, he sent that on his own. Overall, great experience!

– Darryl H.

I thought the overall process was very smooth. The streamline process didn’t require much from ME. There were a couple of hiccups that came as part of scheduling the closing but I would much rather have it done right than to have it done quickly. I’m was very impressed with Josh and his knowledge. He always called me back with answers to my questions. The actual closing with the notary was smooth as well.

– Aaron B.

Simplify Home Loans knocked it out of the park. Their customer service is excellent and the process was painless.

– Alberto D.

Wonderful experience. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I enjoyed the loan process.

– Jim H.

Simplify Home Loans, LLC would love to hear from you.